Rockin M Farms

Rockin M Farms

Rockin M Farms is a small family operated farm, located outside Vernon, Texas in White City.


We have been conducting business since September 2020, striving to provide strong, healthy, started pullets for our customers year-round. Since September 2020, we have expanded operations, raised, and sold over 5,000 started pullets and still going strong.

Our goal is to provide customers with female chicks that have already completed the brooding process, saving our customers time and money.

We receive chicks on farm at two days old from hatcheries, at which time they enter our brooder facility that can house 1,000 chicks at any one time, for continued daily inspection, monitoring and care to ensure a successful beginning. Then at four weeks of age, they transition to our coops outside with continued care to acclimate them to outdoor coop living and introduce them to family life with daily human interaction that they will receive upon arrival at their new homes.


Farm pick-up is always welcome, open by appointment only. We offer delivery to the following areas: Abilene, Amarillo, DFW, Lubbock, Wichita Falls. Appointments will be scheduled prior to pick-up or before delivery.

Rockin M Farms Visitor Safety Information

Rockin M Farm owner(s) are not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant or visitor to the farm or their animal(s) in farm or animal related activities, resulting from the inherent risks of farm or animal related activities on the property.

Use of playground equipment is at your own risk. While on property, visiting minor(s) must have adult supervision and pet(s) must have proper restraint(s) and be supervised, if removed from vehicle(s).

Consent from adult farm owner(s) must be obtained prior to entry to livestock/animal area(s).

Regarding privately owned livestock and animals:
Do not pet, feed, enter pen(s)/pasture/enclosure(s) without adult owner present.
Livestock/animal(s) may bite, kick, scratch, push, or escort people/other animals(s) from their area(s).
Do not pursue animal(s) to hold/pet/pick up, sit on, stand over, ride, startle or remove from enclosure(s) or if outside enclosure(s).

Wash hands or use hand sanitizer prior to and after contact with any livestock/animal(s).
All gate(s)/door(s) must stay closed at all times unless otherwise posted.

Rockin M Farms
Matt & Anna Martin
Barn: 940-887-3254
Cell: 940-261-1192
Vernon, Texas


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